by | Feb 8, 2023 | Testimonials

At my worst I was 280lbs and was not active at all. I didn’t workout or watch what I was eating. I would get these shooting pains down my right side and I always wondered if it was a stroke or some other type of severe medical issue. I finally decided to make a change and I asked David St.Romain to help me try and get my life back on track. He was able to provide me with a workout and diet routine. I was able to cut out all junk food in my life and started doing workouts that were easy to learn and also fit in well with my busy work and family schedule. In about three months, I started to feel better and I noticed I had so much more energy. The weight really started coming off at this point. It was no problem for me to loose around 5-10lbs a month easily. As the months continued, I noticed that the pains in my right side had went away, I had more energy than I could ever imagine and I also noticed that my blood pressure had went from 150/96 to 126/82. I also suffered from severe indigestion that was diagnosed by a doctor. I was on medicine to help suppress the heart burn and indigestion that made eating any meal painful an unenjoyable. 

After a few months of being on the training and diet plan I noticed I no longer needed any medication and I had no more issues with indigestion. All of the medical issues that persisted with me when I was at my lowest point were now gone. I was off of all medication that I was taking. I have more energy now that I have to purposefully stop myself sometimes so I can take a break. My productivity in life has increased tremendously, and I also noticed a major improvement in my mood and my outlook on life. I tend to look at things in life much more positively now than I did back then. I would highly recommend the programs that David St.Romain provides. It has changed my life for the better and I will never look back.