Bronson – Pro MMA Fighter/2021 Louisiana’s Strongest Man Heavyweight

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Testimonials

Hey David I started my training for the strongman competition 3 weeks ago and the diet plan you sent me . one thing l’ve noticed is I haven’t got sore, so the diet plan is proving great recovery results and it’s building natural lean muscle.

My old diet ive Been sore up to 3 days so if I’m recovering quicker and fueling my next workout I think I’II see my best results sticking to your plan


Man you a part of my success so thanks for the help. I did step out of my comfort zone and tried something more unique and I dominated. Next is stay committed to the plan and building up my resume with achievements and you never know might open a gym one day . Doing more strongman competitions is definitely how I want 2022.