Chris (Deadlift National Record Holder)

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Testimonials

I wanted give you an update with my health. I started following your Alka Clean diet on 10/3/2021, within 5 weeks I lost 30+ pounds. On January 1st 2022 1 changed my goal from losing as much weight as possible, to gaining 15 pounds of lean muscle mass. My journey started at 242 Is to 200 lbs within 3 months. Since mid January 2022 in have been at 215 lbs (exactly where I want to be). I am completely off of my heart medication to treat Pericarditis and left ventricle hypertrophy. My eye glasses prescription has improved and it no longer take sleeping pills.

Both they cardiologist and eye doctor told me that my improvements we 100% related to my diet. I have continued to power lift throughout and have not lost any strength while losing weight. Thank you for working with me and I will continue to follow the Alka Clean plan for life!

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