by | Feb 8, 2023 | Testimonials

I came by David St. Romain a little over ten years ago when I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and statins.  The doc said I needed to change my lifestyle or.. else.  That’s when I joined the gym, signed up for training, and asked for the biggest guy there. Once I started working with David as my trainer, I decided to step up my game and try powerlifting. Within 5 short years, I had set 2 national SPF powerlifting titles that still stand today.

During my last year of powerlifting, I decided to switch to bodybuilding after those title runs and came in 2nd place in my first bodybuilding event. Couldn’t be happier with the training.  Now that my building is somewhat behind me, I decided to get healthy after having had enough of medications, and by changing my diet to Vegan, I’m now off blood pressure, no longer have foot neuropathy, off statins and insulin.

As of June 2023, my A1C is now 6.1 down from a high of 8.0 putting me back in the pre-diabetes range. My Testosterone is up from 190 to 680.

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Erics 2023 A1c
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