Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
Simmons Tower Suite 1508 in Downtown Little Rock, AR

Do you accept insurance?
Unfortuneately we are unable to accept insurance as we are not medical.

What’s included in your consultations?
Consultations are either through Zoom video calls or in person and last roughly 1.5-2hrs. Health questionnaire, iris analysis and protocols are gone over. Clients will also have access to my premium membership page where I they can find monthly updated detox protocols and bodybuilding style workouts, huge video gallery and “healthier” choice recipes. A month of my services are also included for any questions or concerns.

What is a Lymphatic Iris Analysis?
With a Lymphatic Iris Analysis one can see the amount of toxic/acidic buildup in various parts of the body which represent the level of health of a particular organ or gland. You can see the health of bodily cells by looking at the lesions in the trabecular and the colors in the iris. This is a tool we use when a client wants to address their health concerns.

Once I’ve filled out my membership form, what’s next?
Once the membership form has been submitted, we will be notified by email and reach out to you within the next day or two to set up your consultation.

Once I’ve submitted my membership form and made the payment, how long do I have to schedule my consultation before expiring?
We give 30 days or 1 month to schedule your consultation before funds expire.

Have any more questions? Send us an email at

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