My name is David and I’m the founder of Alka-clean. My journey into the natural health field began when my dad was battling cancer for 10 years. I always knew there were more answers to health problems than what we are being told and current healthcare focuses on treatments and medications rather than root causes.

After doing months of deep web searching I came across two Naturopathic doctors whose clients were reversing all of the health problems naturally. With an open mind, I began implementing these teachings into my own routine. At the time I had a list of health problems including high blood pressure and cholesterol, sleeping issues, low energy, depression, headaches, brain fog, painful achy joints and lower back, dry skin, a hernia, and the list goes on.

In a few short weeks of changing my diet and lifestyle, health problems began improving and many of the issues reversed. How amazing was this!

I just had to share this with everyone. I began working with my mom and a few family members with their health problems. Once their problems started improving and reversing, I knew I was onto something big. Shortly after I found that one of the instructors I had been studying under had a school teaching about root causes and how to improve to reverse health problems. I attended the International School of Healing Arts and Sciences and completed the course.

Shortly after I created Alka-clean and now work with clients across the world teaching how to improve and reverse their health conditions. I do this in my dad’s memory because I know I could have saved his life if I only had known this science sooner.

This is the driving force behind what I do at Alka-clean and am forever blessed to have found this incredible knowledge of true healing.

The questions are:

  • Are you tired of feeling the way you do?
  • Tired of taking medications just to suppress symptoms?
  • Tired of not getting the answers you are looking for and with no solution?
  • Want true health and vitality back so you can live your best life?

If the answer is yes, keep reading about how this amazing science works!

Detoxing can be a struggle for some of us as it requires us to pull back from the conventional foods we normally eat to much healthier food choices. The detox kits and supplements you buy on the shelf are only a small step to a true detox and never get deep into tissues. As time goes we accumulate much acidity and toxicity in our body that needs to be eliminated. If it is not eliminated, it will build and build in our body, back up the lymphatic system, and suppress organ and gland function. Limiting acidic foods such as animal products of all kinds, processed foods, and starches is a must because they add to the problem of backing up our lymphatic system.

Through my experimentation, testing urine fluid pH is a great way to keep up with the detox process. While most people’s urine will test around 5.5-6.5, this is acidic and the fluid around the cells will be acidic thus compromising cellular function.

As one continues to detox they will notice the urine pH rise more into the 7 pH range then into the 8 pH range when they are really alkalizing and cleaning out the body.

Watch my 3-minute video on the ROOT CAUSE of health issues and how to reverse them.

Food choices are only one part of detoxing, the second phase is elimination. Perspiration, urination, respiration, defecation and menstruation in women are our channels of elimination and how we rid the body of metabolic waste and acidic buildup.

Sadly due to ongoing bad genetics as we continuously become weaker generation after generation, most of us have one or several of these channels backed up or blocked. We must continuously work on opening the skin to sweat, get the kidneys filtering properly, open the bowels so fermentation and putrefaction don’t damage the intestines and villi, and make sure we are able to inhale and exhale properly.

Though at certain stages of health, detoxing can be very challenging, the reward of health and vitality is well worth it. Ask yourself, would I rather live a long healthy life never having to worry about this health condition or that one, always having high systemic energy, being full of self-love and happiness, and being at peace with the world around you?…or having 30-45min of acidic food pleasure a day making you tired, angry, lethargic, achy, hurting and having health issues? The choice is 100% yours and only yours.

Genetically passed-on health issues come from epigenetics (the environment) and can be improved under the right alkaline internal environment as well. Don’t let anyone skew your choice of healing your body and becoming healthy again. This world is full of negativity and some would rather have attention for their health issues brought on by their bad diets and lifestyle than to improve their overall health. It does take work, sacrifice, and commitment to achieve high success with detoxing but the longer one does it the easier it will be to continue.

Be happy, love yourself on all levels, and regain your health!

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