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What is pH and why is it important?

pH stands for “potential of hydrogen”. The blood is constantly fighting to keep its pH at 7.365 which is why blood pH levels only increase or decrease very little. There is a second fluid of the body called the interstitial fluids, or lymph fluids and is rarely ever tested. This fluid is the major body of water the body is made of and it houses all of the acids and toxins one eats, drinks, and breathes in through their lifestyle. It is important to test this fluid with pH strips when urinating as it surrounds every cell in the body. As more and more toxins and acids are taken in, interstitial fluid pH begins to drop. The lower the pH of the urine, more cellular degeneration can occur. pH readings under a six are very acidic and can damage the cells. A pH of 7.25 is ideal to put the body back into balance and homeostasis where one can start the healing process. Taking it a step further a pH of 8.4 is needed for cellular regeneration to occur.

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The charts shown here or my recordings of every urine pH I tested on myself for 102 days straight. My readings started off low as I had many health issues at the time and my dietary and lifestyle choices were not the best. Over the weeks my process of detoxification became better and better. As my urine pH increased I began noticing my health issues slowly start reversing. The closer my pH got to an 8, the better I began to feel and energy levels were greatly increased. Once able to maintain an 8.4 pH I noticed the regeneration of my toenail that’s been dead for 12 years due to an injury, all my health issues disappeared and my overall health, spirituality and vitality were at its peak!

Why should you juice?

Juicing is a very important tool when detoxing. When fruits and veggies are juiced, every cell membrane that makes up that food is broken down, allowing for maximal nutrient absorption and will allow for more fruits or veggies to be consumed versus eating them. These juices help to flush out acids and toxins built up in the body and aid with the regeneration process. It is important to consume RAW plants as their chlorophyll (blood of the plant) is very closely related to human hemoglobin. The only difference is that plants have a center molecule of magnesium whereas hemoglobin has a center molecule of iron. Consuming plants help increase hemoglobin and thus the detox and regeneration process is increased.

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Live Bloods

Shown are pics I’ve taken of my blood with a dark field microscope. Blood cells should be circular and even in shape, color and size like shown here in the third pic. Bloods should also be freely floating and not sticking together. When bloods are coagulating and sticking together, like in the second pic, electrical potential (energy levels) will be down and the body can feel tired. Oxygen and nutrients also cannot be transported to cells efficiently which can cause hypoxia of the cells, slowly degenerating them. When bloods are sticking together, it is difficult for them to pass through an artery or capillary as they must do so in a single file line. Shown in the first pic is a buildup of lactic acid (green) from the overconsumption of processed foods and animal products along with the blood being coagulated. It’s very important to stay hydrated, detoxed and eating the right foods to keep our bloods healthy and free floating.

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Healthy Pot Plant