Ever wonder what is life like after death? Through our lives we will all experience grief and sadness from having lost a loved one. When a loved one passes it is a hard time for us but don’t be sad as this is not death. Nothing in this universe ever dies, it just simply changes its form and function. The laws of physics explain that matter cannot be created nor destroyed. We, our true selves, are energy, a consciousness, awareness, a spirit that is here on earth having a physical experience and cannot die or be destroyed. When looking at the smallest anatomical elements, energy is always at the root. The foods we consume all have energy measured in angstroms that affects our vibrational frequency and energy on all levels. Energy or consciousness is at the core of the universe. Death is simply a transition from one body to the next, in our case it is from a physical body on earth to an astral body in the next realm. Our physical bodies will eventually break down to the dust of our anatomical elements known as the Microzyma. These small beings are the only things that can change structure, form and function and they exist in all living matter. Your old physical body decays back down to its anatomical elements and becomes recycled in time so new life can prosper. No new matter can be created as creation is already completed.

The universe is beautiful and infinite. If you ever go on a beach and look at the sand, there is what seems to be and endless amount of grains. That is what the universe is like. There are worlds without number and endless possibilities. There is much more to creation than just this planet we are on. There are some places that are much more beautiful than earth and some that are quite brutal. Many people have visited some of these places through out of body experiences and astral traveling. We have to remember that we are a consciousness first tied to a physical body, but that doesn’t mean we can’t leave it and venture out from time to time. These experiences are some of the most amazing experiences one can ever have. The Monroe Institute has great success with out of body traveling with clients and there are several websites like Wikipedia that show you step by step on how to have one of these experiences. Being able to move in an astral body is nearly the same as moving in your physical body. In my personal experiences I’ve seen my father many times and these images are as clear as physically looking at someone. The color, size and the stillness are so amazing that these experiences are burned into your memory. If you ever want to see a loved one or friend that has passed or just want to explore more of what creation has to offer, you may do so through these experiences. Jesus once said, “my fathers mansion has many rooms”. This is the endless amount of possibilities that awaits us in this infinite universe.

We as consciousness are on an infinite journey to grow as spiritual beings with an endless love. We experience lifetime after lifetime to grow and experience the duality of the universe. Though we may be sad when someone that is close to us passes away, it should be a time of joy because that consciousness or spirit has now transitioned to a much more beautiful place and has the freedom to do what they choose and not be held down by a physical body. We remember all of our experiences from lifetime after lifetime once we are in a fully conscious state. We are not fully conscious in the physical form. As our goal is to continue to grow as spiritual beings and to become more and more aware until we reach the very top which is pure consciousness or God. When one speaks about God, God is not a man nor a woman. It is not some bald person with a big white beard waiting for you at the gates of heaven when you pass. God is the electromagnetic pulse that radiates in all living things and experiences life as consciousness. We are all Gods and Goddesses in embryo but as we continue to grow as spiritual beings we all merge back into one state of pure consciousness and become one as a whole again. Never hate or be hateful or gossip about others because we are all the same consciousness experiencing itself through individuality. Always remember you are a spiritual being having a physical experience. You are pure conscious energy and you are using an emotional body (astral body), physical body, casual body (memory), etheric body (intuition) and a mental body (mind) to exist and have this experience here on earth. Anytime you are struggling or in your feelings, shut off these bodies, quit thinking and pull back to pure awareness and just observe and let the universe take care of you. Everything is supposed to happen the way it is supposed to. Hardships in time are meant to teach, it’s not the universe trying to bear down on you and make your life troublesome. In every bad scenario always think about what you learned during that experience. Stop stressing about the future and reliving the past and focus solely on the NOW. Just like when you were little you did not think about anything that happened the day before and you didn’t worry about the future, you lived in the present moment. The present moment is a gift from the universe, that is why it is called present. Never fear death as we do not die, we transition bodies and live on an infinite journey as consciousness experiencing duality until we finally grow and reach pure consciousness which we call God.