Before I dig into these questions we must first look at who we are. We are all aware of our physical body. It is basically our vehicle we use to travel around in on this planet. Ever wonder who am I truly? What turns the lights on and makes me aware? We have multiple bodies we use while on Earth. We have a mental body which is our thoughts, an emotional body, a physical body and an awareness, a consciousness, a spirit, intelligence, energy, whatever one wants to call it. We use all of these in combination to experience what we do while we are here on Earth. We use our mental body (mind) to create thoughts of what we want our reality to be and our emotional body is the driving force behind that. Sometimes our thoughts and emotions can get the best of us. Simply pull back to consciousness, quit thinking and quiet the mind and just observe. Allow your body to become clear and let the universe send what you are seeking next in your journey. Now, where did we come from? We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, not physical beings that will have a spiritual experience when we die.

Why are we here? As spiritual beings here having a physical experience we are here to experience the duality of what this planet offers. Everything has a duality here: hot/cold, good/evil, big/small, love/hate, boy/girl, black/white. If things were only one sided we would never know what true love felt like, what feeling good feels like if we never experienced pain. We are here to experience taste, touch, smell, etc because we cannot do these as consciousness, we can only remember our experience. This is like a school where we learn to love, help others, find peace and happiness and a self love as we develop and grow as spiritual beings. Ever ask yourself, how can I become a more intelligent person? Books are good no doubt, but books and academics are simply theories of someone else’s thoughts put into words. We are here to make our own conscious decisions and come to our own conclusions. Having a deeper understanding of your intellectual awareness means to be able to read through the lines as when you are being lied to, trust in your intuition, your logical way of thinking about situations, moral sense, critical thinking skills and knowing your purpose here. How do we achieve this? By freeing our minds of negativity and only allowing positivity to be expressed, finding a positive in every situation and accepting how things are even when they don’t go the way we want them to. The only thing in this universe that is constant is change, so embrace it. The foods we consume play a major role in our awareness. Every food we consume has a vibrational frequency measured in angstroms of energy. The higher the food is such as fruit, berries, melons, herbs, veggies (God foods), the higher our vibrational frequency increases thus raising our awareness. More of the cooked, dead foods we consume have little to no angstroms of energy and they bring our universal awareness down, keeping us a prisoner here rather than achieving true health and vitality. Our physical body also resonates at a certain frequency. For example a sick and tired body starts around 57-60MHz, cellular death begins around 40MHZ, a healthy body is around 70MHZ. Our health is totally in our control as is our entire experience here on Earth.

Our physical body has an intelligence of its own. When get have a cut or break a bone it heals. How does it know to do this? How does insulin know to carry glucose to cells? How does the body know when it’s hungry? It’s almost like it has a mind of its own….well sort of. Every cell in our body has its own awareness, they are structure function. These things are driven by a divine intelligence or energy. Every thing you do in your life is encrypted into your DNA. Think of your DNA as a computer drive that stores information. So, are we part of a greater existence? Science recently put a genome of DNA on a computer to find out. The DNA expressed a code, a language of sorts. By using modern technology and ancient spiritual texts (Sefer Yetzirah) science began to uncover this code. They discovered the first two layers in every strand of DNA had a message which read “God Eternal Within The Body”. It would only make sense as every great artist always signs their name on their work when they are finished.

Lastly, where are we going? Remember we are pure conscious awareness and cannot be destroyed. Death is only an illusion as nothing ever dies it only changes its form and function. When we die our physical body will eventually turn back to its anatomical elements so new plant matter, rock, animals, etc can be created. The bible states this as “From Dust You Are And To Dust You Shall Return”. Creation is finished and there cannot be anymore atoms created that already exist. The first law of physics states matter cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only change its form and function. Once we are done with our experience on this planet, our spiritual body goes into the next realm which is usually the astral realm and we continue to try to move up until consciousness of all existence comes together as one. If you have ever had an out of body experience this makes total sense. There are many sites and videos showing how to experience these amazing features and to experience that you are not subject to your body and you are not your physical body. The Monroe Institute has a very successful out of body program using music to help clients achieve these experiences. As we live lifetime after lifetime we grow as spiritual beings. How our life is in this life is determined by our karma from our current and/or past lives. The Law of Karma is basically what you do to one will be done to you in some way, form or fashion. It is always important to be kind and helpful, not to gossip on others and to be loving the way the universe intended so you attract good karma. Notice how people who are always gossiping on others, are mean, egotistical and careless don’t have the most desirable lives? That’s because we attract what we put out. Love who you are, what you have, always be grateful and helpful to others and notice your life change drastically. There is an endless amount of timelines which your life can go, your highest potential timeline already exists. All you have to do is match the vibration of that timeline to make it a reality. Trust the universe that you are destined for your greatest timeline and watch it unfold in front of you.