Ever wonder why so many people deal with being depressed, have anxiety and other neurological issues?

The answer is the adrenal glands. These glands produce neurotransmitters that send signals to the brain. These neurotransmitters also need calcium to send the electrical impulses up the myelin sheath wrapped around the nerves. First, in order to have the proper amount of calcium needed for this action, the parathyroid gland is needed for calcium utilization. These two glands work hand in hand with each other. When the adrenal and/or the parathyroid gland isn’t functioning correctly, these neurological issues tend to be a result.

Why would my adrenal and parathyroid glands not be working correctly?

As time goes by we accumulate more and more acidic congestion from dietary acids/toxins and metabolic waste in the interstitial fluids surrounding the cells that make up these glands, suppressing their function capabilities. I have seen many cases including my own where once the body is properly lymphatically detoxed, these issues improve until they are gone or undetectable.

The adrenal glands have many more functions than just neurologically. They produce hormones and steroids needed for other bodily functions, they utilize nutrition, are needed for sugar metabolism (people with blood sugar problems should look into adrenal gland health rather than just focusing on the pancreas/insulin because this is where the real problem is), and they control the Autonomic Nervous System. The ANS controls things we don’t have to think about such as breathing, the contractions our intestines make to move food down its tract and heartbeat thus blood pressure. Anytime one is dealing with high or low blood pressure, this is an adrenal gland problem. The top number of the blood pressure reading is the systolic which represents adrenal gland function and the bottom number, diastolic, represents kidney filtration. As our adrenal glands also regulate how well our kidneys are filtering out metabolic and dietary acids, this will determine our blood pressure readings. Ideally readings should be 120/60 for best health.

How can I improve my adrenal and parathyroid gland health and function?

adrenal glands

By switching over from acidic dietary choices and turning to more alkaline choices is a start. Limit the amount of acidity coming into the body and hydrate with alkalinity. Diet is only 50% of the answer. The second 50% relies on the elimination of metabolic and dietary acids which are backing up the lymphatic system and suppressing adrenal and parathyroid gland function. Opening ones channels of elimination (respiration, urination, defecation, perspiration and menstruation in women) will eliminate these acid products so that proper nutrients and oxygen can get to the cells which make up these glands, allowing them to function properly again.