Photo Courtesy of Dr. Robert Morse


As of around 2018, science has finally discovered a new largest organ in our body, called the Interstitium. This organ houses our lymphatic system, interstitial fluids, metabolic waste from our cells, and acids from dietary choices. Let’s say for example we ate a candy bar. The candy bar would likely have some type of preservative or artificial dye, like Red dye 40 which is petroleum-based, or an acid additive like citric acid, lactic acid, or ascorbic acid. These are all toxic to our body. Once the candy bar is in a liquid state, all of these acids are absorbed into the small intestine and then into the bloodstream.

The blood must maintain its 7.365 pH balance, drop down to 7.1 and you can go into a coma. The blood is then cleansed by the spleen and all the dietary acids are dumped into the interstitial fluids (fluids that surround every cell in the body). In the interstitial fluids, along with the dietary acids, there is metabolic waste from our cells consuming nutrition and excreting waste, just as we do. These acids are sitting around a 3 pH, which is as hot as a soda pop. These acids and waste products are then carried into the lymphatic system by lymph vessels. From the lymphatic system, the acid waste is transported to the lymph nodes which are like septic tanks where bacteria and macrophages break down this waste. Once broken down, this acid waste is then transported to the skin to be sweated out (this is why we sweat, it’s our largest channel of elimination) or to the kidneys to be filtered and excreted out as urine (this is why we urinate).

When our lymphatic system becomes congested and backed up due to our channels of elimination (defecation, urination, perspiration, respiration, and in women, menstruation) becoming clogged from too much acid waste, this waste will stay sitting around our body cells that make up organ, gland, bone, muscle, all tissue and degenerate the cells as time goes. When cells start becoming congested from all of this waste, they can no longer absorb nutrition, get oxygen and break down due to hypoxia. This is where the body starts giving off symptoms of health problems. The body is literally blowing the horn for you to stop doing what you are doing because things are becoming backed up interstitially. It’s important we keep our interstitial fluids healthy by eating high-alkaline foods, detoxing, and making sure all of our channels of elimination are opened up to eliminate waste so we can experience true health and vitality.