One of the biggest myths in modern time has to be the protein myth. Sources saying you need at least 1-1.2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight to maintain or build muscle. This is usually due to supplement or meat companies paying for these studies to sell more products and meat to their consumers. The problem here is that the quality of protein and cooked protein is never taken into accountability. There are many things to take into accountability here. First, the body cannot even use a full protein structure, it has to be broken down into simple amino acids to be used. When consuming complex meat proteins this requires hydrochloric acid and thus pepsin to be produced to break these complex protein structures down into simple amino acids. This process is acidic and damaging to the body plus stops the body’s detox process of the lymphatic system. Next, protein denaturation begins at 105 degrees fahrenheit. What temperature do we cook meat on and for how long? Its rendered nearly worthless once its done. One can notice the protein changing as, for example red meat turning brown as it cooks. This is why people are needing 1-1.2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight because the protein source is dentured. Lastly, whatever simple amino acids the body can actually use must be absorbed into the small intestine. Many people have malabsorption these days due to consuming lots of refined grains, animal products and dairy, all of which are mucus forming and build up what’s called mucoid plaque on the intestinal wall, limiting what can be absorbed by the small intestine into the bloodstream.

Take a look at the biggest, strongest animals on the planet. Horses, cows, elephants, gorillas all eat plant proteins which are already broken down into simple amino acids. True carnivore species such as lions, tigers, cats are skinny and don’t have much muscle mass compared to the plant eaters. For some reason society believes that instead of eating the Earths primary source of protein (plants) that eating secondary sources of proteins (meats) are somehow more dominant. The cow literally consumed plants for his muscles and protein source but man believes eating the cow instead of the plants is somehow better? That we are somehow complete opposite of every other animal on the planet and we require meat protein to build muscle over plants? This is due to many decades of conditioned thinking.

Complex protein does not build muscle, simple amino acids play a role in the structure of cells but amino acids alone do not build muscle. All bone, skin, muscle, organ and gland tissue is built from hemoglobin (red blood cells). Hemoglobin carries oxygen and nutrients to body cells thus repairing and rebuilding cellular tissue. Ask yourself, if complex protein from meat built new cellular tissue, why do we have all of these degenerative health conditions these days? Why are so many people in wheelchairs? None of this would exist if complex meat proteins rebuilt the body. Our body needs around 40 grams of quality protein broken down into simple amino acids a day. Once consumed the body will use those simple amino acids and convert them into the protein structure it needs or will recycle them for later use.

Pic below is 198lbs natural on a plant based diet. Video is 120lb dumbbells shoulder pressed for 3 reps weighing 192lbs.

The Protein Myth 1