There has been much confusion along the lines of what is true healthy exercise and what is not. There are various types of exercise we participate in but lets stick to the two main types, weight training and cardio. Regardless of which type of exercising we do, the main purpose of exercise is to get the lymphatic system (sewage system) moving so metabolic and dietary acids can move to the channels of elimination and be eliminated out of the body. We tend to breathe harder when we exercise allowing acidity/toxicity to be eliminated through respiration. We also work up a sweat through the skin which is our largest channel of elimination for these acids and toxins.

Lets start off with basic weight training. There are both pros and cons to this form of exercise. The main aspect to focus on with this type of exercise is to make sure the channels of elimination (respiration, defecation, perspiration, urination and menstruation in women) are open. As we lift weights, every time we contract a muscle an electron is used to fuel the contraction and an acid waste is left over to be eliminated, in this case lactic acid is the byproduct. When we lift weights, especially when doing high rep ranges, the burning and tight/pump feeling is the lactic acid being produced. Yes, blood does rush to the area being worked but the feeling comes from the lymphatic system in that area which is 4X the size of the blood system. Lets take bodybuilding for example. High rep ranges and working for the “pump” feeling. This is producing loads of lactic acid which backs up the lymphatic system in the muscle causing swelling. Workout after workout is the same with the production of lactic acid and it is never eliminated so it forces the muscle to become larger and larger. Glycogen stores aka fat stores, also play a part in muscle size as well. We can also tell when lactic acid is present because we become sore. The longer we are sore for that means more lactic acid is present and is just sitting around causing pain and discomfort and not being eliminated. Lifting weights in a healthy perspective would be to lift heavier, more static contractions, with less lactic acid production and making sure all channels of elimination are opened.
Now lets discuss cardio. As with weightlifting, cardio has its pros and cons as well. The type of cardio we do makes all the difference. Ideally a moderate to slightly high intensity walk or movement will be best as the lactic acid production would be much less than if we sprinted or did some sort of high intensity cardio. This moderate to slightly high intensity cardio will get the lymphatic system moving, get you breathing harder and have you sweating. This also depends on how well a persons channels of elimination are opened to get rid of any lactic acid being produced. The best form of cardio from a health perspective is jumping on a rebounder (mini trampoline). This is due to the G force factor. When we jump up and down, we land at nearly double our bodyweight and every cell in the body moves. This movement causes the mucus congestion in the interstitial fluids surrounding our cells (also what’s holding acidity/toxicity) to become broken up and loosened so it can be carried out by the lymphatic system and out of the body. Regardless of what type of exercise you do, it is always good to do some form than none but always remember that any lactic acid produced needs to be eliminated so cells are not damaged over time.