Ever wonder why some people live to be 100 where as others only make it to a much younger age? There is a reason for this that has to do with our genetics and our largest organ the Interstitium (lymphatic system). Our genetics are determined by our parents genetics but primarily their lymphatic system. The genetic weaknesses of the mother and the amount of acidity and toxicity in her lymphatic system at the time a baby is in the womb will determine the health of that baby once it is born. This is why there are so many sick children and babies these days due to our genetics becoming weaker and weaker from the toxic foods we consume, contaminated water, polluted air and the EMF radiation that is constantly going though our saltwater body.

Back in early 1900s a French doctor by the name of Alexis Carrel won a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, was part of the Rockefeller Medical Research team and is the father of modern day organ transplantation. He proved that life itself can be immortal. He did this by taking cells of a chicken heart and kept them alive for over 30 years before pulling the plug. He did this by constantly changing out the fluids (interstitial fluids) that surrounded the cells. By keeping these fluids cleaned and giving proper nutrients to the cells, they never aged deeming the chicken heart cells immortal.

There have been many studies done on different cultures. One being islanders who consume a predominately plant based diet who live to be around 100 years old. The other are Eskimos who consume a predominately meat diet have a life span of around 60 years. The reason for this is that we are living beings and require high nutritious living food that detoxes, moves the lymphatic system and regenerates the body. By constantly consuming high nutrient dense foods and detoxing the lymphatic system one is able to keep their bodily cells in a much healthier state, as Alexis Carrel did with his experiment. Meat is a non living food and is acidic by nature thus can suppress the body’s detox process and back up the lymphatic system causing cellular hypoxia. If meat is cooked, this adds to the amount of acidity and can develop carcinogens making it much more toxic and acidic.

Through years of experiments and having had both a meat dominant diet to now a plant based diet the results are complete opposite. From being tired all the time, aggressive, struggling with mental health, and having multiple health issues from the meat based diet to now having an endless amount of systemic energy, vitality, self love, no mental health or health issues period. Clearer, younger looking skin, more conscious awareness, improved critical thinking skills, intuition, and logical and moral sense… the list goes on! Genetic weakness does play a role in this but genetics are influenced by epigenetics (the environment) and thus can be changed. This is all from detoxing the lymphatic system and the interstitial fluids and bringing proper nutrition to the cells as Dr. Alexis Carell once did during his experiment.