Iris Analysis

With a Lymphatic Iris Analysis, one can see the amount of lymphatic (toxic/acidic) buildup in various parts of the body which represent the level of health of a particular organ or gland. You can see the health of bodily cells by looking at the lesions in the trabecular and the colors in the iris. This is a tool we use when a client wants to address their health concerns.

1. These are nerve rings indicating nerve damage and they are almost gone in the second pic.

2. Some degeneration of the pancreas and in the second pic there is much less degeneration as regeneration has started.

3. Some degeneration of the right kidney and adrenal gland and in the second pic the black spots are much less as regeneration has started.

4. This reef around the pupil is the bowels. These bowels were in a dark grey/black color representing degenerative bowels with pockets and prolapsing. Second pic shows much less degeneration as regeneration has started.

5. Dark spot represents degeneration of the medulla and second pic the spot is much lighter representing tissue regeneration.

6. Dark spot representing degeneration of the persons animation life (emotions). Second pic the spot is almost gone. Emotions are driven from the adrenal glands.

7. Pupil size is much smaller in the second pic. Enlarged pupils can indicate stress and/or nerve damage.

Iris Analysis
iris00003 scaled
iris00002 scaled